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Bei der FondsAuswahl zählt die Unabhängigkeit vom Anbieter!FondsAnbieter-GAM: We have not made any substantial changes to GAM Star China Equity over the past month or so. The sectors that we favour continue to be consumer discretionary, IT, residential property and environmental services. These themes have also driven the fund’s performance year-to-date. We generally prefer sectors that are not vulnerable to government intervention, because at the end of the day China remains a command economy.

Ever since the fund launched, our approach has been to take active positions against the benchmark within a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction ideas. That does not necessarily mean that we trade the portfolio very actively, but our stock and sector allocations are often quite far away from the benchmark. Despite the fact that our current themes have been in the portfolio for at least a year, and in some cases for much longer, they continue to work well. SJB. Fonds. Logo.…weiterlesen

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